Our biggest goal for 2020 is to make Feminist Twins more sustainable (#sustainability2020 anyone)? In order to do this, we feel it is time to start asking the community for financial support so we can continue doing this work, after doing Feminist Twins for so long for free (6 years!).

Here's the plan:


- receive funds so we can earn some money for the work we are doing. this would help allow us to attend meetings, pay for our transportation, and (hopefully) partly compensate us for some of the time we spend on Feminist Twins

- collaborate more with other groups in Ottawa (grassroots groups, non-profits, etc)

- increase the quality & accessibility of our events. this often means more planning = more time



If you want to donate to our programming or a specific event, please let us know! That is also very much appreciated by us! To do that, please click below to donate, and make sure to send us an email stating what you're putting the funds towards!

Questions? Concerns? We would be more than happy to talk!

Email us!

Please note that we cannot give a charitable receipt, as we are a grassroots group.

(But we would love to send a thank you card!)

Monthly Donors

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