Feminist Fair FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)
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Where and when is the Feminist Fair?

Sunday November 10th, at the Horticulture Building at Landsdowne (off of Bank St in the Glebe)

Is it open to everyone?

Yes! We try to remove as many barriers as possible so all folks can attend. This is not a womxn only space. We do our best to also make this event child and family friendly

I'm a vendor and I missed the deadline to apply, can I be on the wait list?

We would love to say yes to this - unfortunately we already have a wait list of 20+ vendors so we are not able to add any more at this time

Where can I find the list of vendors and community tables?

Right here!


What's the deal with the pizza lunch?

Buying meals for yourself and your family when you're out at an event can be costly and we want to help. We provide free pizza at noon. Please note that it is first come, first serve and we ask that folks take one slice. Pizza is provided by Little Jo Berry's, so all pizza is vegan (we will also have gluten-free options as well).

Will there be any vendors that cater to Vegan, Gluten Free, dietary restrictions

Yes! More info to come

Will there be a place to put bags/coats

Yes, there are two coat racks. We do suggest not leaving purses and bags unattended though.

Will there be parking

Yes, there is paid parking at Landsdowne, as well as free street parking in the area on side streets. If you're taking public transit, the #6 and #7 OC transpo bus goes down Bank St and passes Lansdowne

Will there be access to water for my water bottle

Yes, there is a water bottle refilling station on site, inside the Horticulture Building.

Are you still looking for volunteers

Yes! Please email [email protected]

Is there an entrance fee

We ask that if folks are able to, to make a donation at the door. This is completely optional but much appreciated, as donations support local charities. You can also donate toiletries which supports the STORM program.

What if I can't donate?

Please come, regardless if you can make a donation or not!

Is there an ATM on site?


Will there be places to sit down?

There will be some seating inside. There are also many spots to sit outside, on both sides the Horticulture Building.

Will there be a way I can share my pronouns (aka name tags)

If that's something you'd like to do, we encourage it! We will have some blank stickers at the entrance table.

Are there bathrooms located close to the event?

There are four bathrooms inside the Horticulture Building (two are single stall, accessible, family washrooms) and the other two are multiple stall. We will be making all washrooms gender neutral the day of the event

Will there be security on site?

Yes, there will be security on site. They will be identifiable by uniform. This should eliminate the need for any uniformed police presence should something occur. We will also have peer support on site.

How are vendors & community tables chosen?

All vendors and community tables are chosen by us and our amazing steering committee.

What activities are there for kids?

There will be a craft table at the fair, which will include coloring books, play d'oh, and other fun things!