We dabble in a bit of everything! People know us for:

  • Social media / information sharing

  • Public speaking

  • Peer support

  • Event planning

  • Workshops

  • Organizing rallies/community movements 


  • organize events which are as accessible as possible (while acknowledging our limits as pro bono event planners)

  • work through a intersectional feminist lens

  • to assist in information spreading on areas such as sexual violence, mental health, and social justice

  • collaborate with others & groups in the community as much as possible

  • support others in promoting their events, campaigns, workshops, that we think will help improve the community and/or support community education 

  • create a feedback cycle and strive to make meaningful connections with our community

Our values

  • pro sex work

  • pro choice

  • mindful of intersectionality

  • against TERF ideology 

  • harm reduction

  • anti-oppressive, anti-racist 

Here are some of the values and principles that guide what we do:

Everything we do, we do on our spare time, unpaid. This limits us on the types of projects we can commit to. Despite this we try our best to always adhere to the values mentioned above, and to do our best work, while recognizing our limitations (for time, money, mental health, etc)

We are proudly a member of the OTTAWA COALITION TO END